Franco-Expert put at the disposal of students, a highly innovative tutoring program. The tutoring program “Génies en Herbe” set first and foremost a dedicated, talented and highly motivated teacher to work closely with students, so that through the tutoring services, we can provide the necessary academic tools and foundations that will guarantee them success in their studies. Our tutoring program is designed to support parents, with a highly personalized educational approach, to help each student to: improve their performance, develop good work practices, gain confidence and believe in their own potential.
We have already made great achievements. The many successes of our clients who have benefited from our services are a perfect example. We absolutely must stay competitive and be innovative to attract a wider customer base. It is only through the quality of our work and professionalism that we will contribute significantly to the creation of an elite destined to become tomorrow’s leaders!

Our team
Our team consists of qualified experts, highly skilled, and all have university degrees in various fields. Our staff is committed to offer personalized guidance to each student, by focusing on the specific needs of each one, to optimize the success of all.

Our philosophy
– A philosophy focused on quality education: each student is unique and has specific needs. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we focus on the needs of each student to bring him a personal support and adapted to his learning’s pace.
– A philosophy based on a 100% success rate: We believe in the inner potential of each child, despite the learning difficulties he may encounter during his academic. We strive to help our students discover and fully activate their potential for a successful schooling.
– A philosophy based on respect and discipline: we offer a conducive environment for the development of students and their self-esteem. We strongly encourage respect for others and regulations, as well as a disciplined attitude in the program. All this helps to provide a place where the student takes pleasure in studying while being safe.

Parents that want to enroll their children in the tutoring program “Génies en Herbe” must complete our online registration form.