1. Please complete the registration form and submit it.
  2. Franco -Expert will then send you an invoice including registration fees (i) and tutoring fees for the first month. The invoice must be paid online or by check within 24 hours of receipt.
  3. When Franco -Expert will receives your payment, a confirmation email will be sent with details for the next step.

(i)  : $70 per child / $100 per family (2 children or more)

Click here for the parent’s handbook

I have read the Parent Handbook and agree to accept regulations of FRANCO-EXPERT as set out therein*.

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I consent to pay the fees as outlined below. If during the course of the program year I intend to withdraw my child I understand that I must give one month’s notice to FRANCO-EXPERT or pay one month of tuition in lieu of notice*.
Tuition rates*.
I will pay the $170 flat monthly rate (Grade 1 to 6 Students).
I will pay the $190 flat monthly rate (Grade 7 to 12 Students).
I will pay $25/hour (hourly rate) at the beginning of each scheduled session.
I will pay $35/hour (hourly rate) at the beginning of each scheduled session.

Signature of Parent(s) or Legal Guardians(s)*(Enter Full Name):