Skype is an amazing tool for language training, since it allows students to practice various skills, such as comprehension and oral expression, grammar and writing. With the expertise and skills of our consultants in education, we have implemented a completely innovative French learning program for adults, that can be done remotely through Skype. Our French program will allow students to develop, strengthen or initiate skills in the French language. Our French courses are open to all students, regardless their level in French (real beginners, beginners, intermediate, advanced), and have been specifically designed to enable them to understand and assimilate the rules governing the French language, improve their spoken French and acquire the methodology for writing. This allows students to make rapid and significant progress in learning the French language.
With the option of learning remotely through Skype, students can benefit from our French learning program, no matter where they live. Our courses were developed in a way to maximize the interaction between student and teacher during the training sessions. It’s convenient, pleasant and efficient, as adapted to the profile of the student.
– It’s not pre-recorded video lessons
– Students can interact with their teacher face-to-face
– The student will receive personalized homework after each lesson, get real and consistent results and develop greater confidence in speaking French while learning at their own pace: a real service!
– Students will benefit from real flexibility: with the possibility of organizing the lessons for the day and time that suits their schedule and take the lesson from the comfort of home and /or office.
– A good internet connection is necessary to enjoy this lesson
– You must also have: a microphone, a speaker, and a webcam
– Skype is free and easy to install and use
– To download Skype please click on the following link:

Our team
Our team consists of qualified experts, highly skilled, and with a solid experience teaching French as Second Language. Our staff is committed to offer personalized guidance to each student, by focusing on the specific needs of each one, to optimize the French learning success of all.

Teaching materials
– We will send you the required material (PDF documents) before the course
– You will need to download and print the course and exercise sheets
– The lessons have been specially designed for online learning

To enroll in our remote French language training, students will have to complete our online registration form.