With the expertise and skills of our consultants in education, we have implemented a French learning program specially designed for homeschooled students. Our French courses are delivered on site at our school or online (via Skype). This completely innovative French learning program, will allow your child to develop, strengthen or initiate skills in the French language. Our French courses are open to all students, at all levels, and have been specifically designed to enable them to understand and assimilate the rules governing the French language, improve their spoken French and acquire the methodology for writing. This allows students to make rapid and significant progress in learning the French language.

Our French teachers
All instructors are qualified and experienced with children
Some of them have worked in primary or secondary schools before joining Franco-Expert
They are native French
They are bilingual in French and English

Parents that want to enroll their children in the tutoring program “Génies en Herbe” must complete our online registration form.