At the international level, Franco-Expert has a particular mission to be a key player in the establishment of partnerships that will help revitalize and strengthen the Francophonie. According to a United Nations report, published in 2008, on World Population Prospects:
“• 85% of Francophones will be in Africa by 2050
• Given demographic dynamics (aging in the North), Africa will account for more than 90% of young Francophones aged 15-29 in 2050.
• The demographic future of the Francophonie will depend more and more on Africa .. ”

One of the main objectives of Franco-Expert is to equip young Francophone Africans both academically and professionally. Several initiatives that represent tangible steps in achieving this vision have already been undertaken.

School Kalima – a partner of choice in Senegal!
On October 3, 2005, the Kindergarten School Kalima, located at Sicap Liberté V Dakar, opened its doors to contribute to the activities of the Ministry of National Education of Senegal.
A survey of Parents in the neighborhood helped determine the monthly tuition. A social rate to participate in the Ministry’s goal of sending all school-age children to school and keeping them for as long as possible. A way to fight against early and forced marriage of girls.

In 2009, the preschool cycle paves the way for the elementary cycle, hence the name of the School Group Kalima, a local school highly valued by Parents and currently welcoming nearly 530 children.
The School Group Kalima wants to offer more opportunities and benefits to these children who can and must go far in their studies. The modest financial resources of their parents may be a limitation to this noble wish. Franco-Expert is proud to be counted among Kalima ‘s main partners. Indeed, this partnership reinforces our experience in the areas of social development and community support.