It’s never too early to read to your child … Learning to read should be done at an early age.
This fosters the child’s development, while facilitating language acquisition. Reading allows the child to learn some of the language mechanisms, to focus on objects and learn expressions.
As part of its French tutoring program “Genies en Herbe” Franco-Expert has set up a French reading club for toddlers (from 3 to 6 years old).
One of the main goals of the reading club is to stimulate the “love” of reading from an early age.
Once a week, kids’ member of the club gather for their weekly reading session, followed by activities and games in French.

Our team
Our team consists of qualified experts, highly skilled. Our staff is committed to offer personalized guidance to each child, by focusing on the specific needs of each one.

Our philosophy
A philosophy focused on quality education: each student is unique and has specific needs. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we focus on the needs of each student to bring him a personal support and adapted to his learning’s pace.
A philosophy based on respect and discipline: we offer a conducive environment for the development of students and their self-esteem. We strongly encourage respect for others and regulations, as well as a disciplined attitude in the program. All this helps to provide a place where the student takes pleasure in studying while being safe.

Parents that want to enroll their children at the reading club “Ami & Rémi” must complete our online registration form.