Located in Ottawa, in the heart of Canada’s capital, FRANCO-EXPERT has developed an expertise and a reputation that place us among the leaders in the field of linguistic services and academic tutoring in Ottawa.
We offer a variety of French learning programs available for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and in response to a wide range of needs: French courses for students (kindergarten, primary and secondary), university students, government servants, employees in the private sector, etc.). With a team of passionate and experienced French teachers we contribute significantly to sensitize students to the cultural realities of the Francophone world and encourage their full participation in society.

In addition to learning the French language, Franco-Expert put at the disposal of students, a highly innovative tutoring program. The tutoring program “GENIES EN HERBE” set first and foremost dedicated, talented and highly motivated teachers to work closely with students, so that through the tutoring services, we can provide the necessary academic tools and foundations that will guarantee them success in their studies. Our tutoring program is designed to support parents, with a highly personalized educational approach, to help each student to: improve their performance, develop good work practices, gain confidence and believe in their own potential.
We have already made great achievements. The many successes of our clients who have benefited from our services are a perfect example. We absolutely must stay competitive and be innovative, to attract a wider customer base. It is only through the quality of our work and professionalism that we will contribute significantly to the creation of an elite destined to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Finally, Franco-Expert also offers translation services of high quality in both official languages of Canada: English and French. Our policy is to provide a specialized service to our various clients in the legal field, the medical field, the advertising industry and many other domains. An this at the most competitive rate available in the market!