• Génies en Herbe

    Tutoring thought differently!
    From 1st to 12th grade, an appointment with success

  • Club R.I. - CEPEO

    The Club Repère Identitaire
    In partnership with the Council of Public Schools of Eastern Ontario (CEPEO)

  • French Courses

    Programs tailored to all levels and in response to a wide range of needs

  • F-E Overseas

    Equipping French-speaking youth in developing countries

Welcome to Franco-Expert

With expertise and reputation that place us among the leaders in the field of language services, academic support and training, Franco-Expert's mission is to be the privileged partner of the French-speaking community


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Why Choose Our Services?

A philosophy based on quality education: each student is unique and has specific needs. Our particularity lies in the fact that we focus on the needs of each learner to provide personalized support, adapted to their learning pace

Top Choice Tutors

Our teachers are dedicated competent and motivated to work with students

Excellence… Must Shine

We help our students discover and fully activate their potential to succeed at school

In French… I Like it!

We offer a completely innovative French language curriculum to our students

International Orientation

Our vision is to impact the Francophone community internationally

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